November Meetup – Flying Pizza and Floating Beer


We had a great meetup on November 2 at Jon Kim’s house! Huge thanks to him for hosting and coming up with the weather forecasting discussion idea! He fed us pizza and drinks! During the meetup I demonstrated my weather forecasting strategy using a big screen TV to present the data.

Shout out to Joe Sherman who drove all the way from Norfolk and back to make it to the meetup! Wow! And he only used electric power by stopping 3 times to recharge!

We had 2 pilots from Vietnam show up. Mike Nyguyen who I first met at the DC Kite festival 2 years ago who got his P2 in Santa Barbara and has since flown a few of our sites. He’s about to finish school and hopefully start flying more. And Giang an advanced pilot who started the Vietnam paragliding club.

Prospective pilot Abby also came and got an earful of knowledge about the sport.

Hope to have another meetup soon!