5th Annual Silent Airshow

5th Annual Silent Airshow at the North Mountain Vineyard & Winery – 4/8/17

The North Mountain Vineyard & Winery graciously hosted the Silent Airshow again this year and two pilots managed to land there after lauching from Woodstock!  The weather doesn’t always cooperate and this year conditions were too strong for paragliders to attempt to launch, but Knut Ryerson and Charlie Fager pulled it off!  Big thanks to Bacil for organizing this yearly event.  Two hang gliders landed there from Woodstock during the 2013 event, and 2 paragliders landed there from Edith’s Gap during the 2014 event.  Hopefully we’ll be able to do it again next year!

Detailed flight reports can be found on the forum here.

Doarama of Knut’s flight

Charlie’s Flight: