This story was sent by David Bodner to the CHGPA listserv on 4/14/2003. Can't beat Woodstock for a first soaring flight! :)

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From: "David Bodner"
To: "CHGA Discussion List"
Subject: [chga] I soared at Woodstock
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2003 21:09:07 -0400

    OK, so did everyone else. But it was my first time. Back in San Diego I didn't get into high-altitude until mellow winter conditions came in. So I've had plenty of sled rides--try to work a barely noticeable thermal here and there--but little else. One plus: I got good at no-winders.

    I was hooked in at launch and ready to pick it up and feel it when we heard the LZ wasn't appropriate for 2s. So I backed down off launch and did shuttle duty. Halfway down, I'd heard the LZ settled down, and frustration set in that I was in my car. Then I heard Brian on the radio say it was "brain-dead soarable", and I really got antsy. Still, when I finally got back at launch, I wasn't sure I wouldn't chicken out and head straight for the LZ. But I made a right turn and started going up and up. A few minutes and a few passes later I was 4-500 feet above launch (my estimate without instruments) without any effort. It was getting late, so I headed upwind of the LZ. Took a long time to lose altitude. The LZ was a bit rocky (did I forget to come in hot?), but I landed solidly, and without hitting any livestock.

    I want to thank everyone who helped me at the launch. You were a great, helpful crowd.