This story sent by Sheila Boyle to the CHGPA listserv on 2/18/97.

Saturday, February 15

Had a GREAT time at High Rock Saturday - my longest and highest flight thus far - - 40 minutes and 1100' above launch - YEAH!!!! My thanks to Marc and Doug who convinced me to wait it out a tiny bit longer at the end of the day and to Kelvin for Observing. It was blowing NW 15-20 most of the day with occasional gusts and intermittent lulls - as the day wore on it started blowing even stronger. Finally about 4/4:30 Fred and Raean yelled down (to where I was struggling into my harness because of all the winter clothes) that it had started quieting down to a steady 15 and I was out of there! Just flew straight out so I wouldn't get pushed back behind the ridge and my eyes almost bugged out when I looked over at my vario and saw my altitude just keep climbing! There was lift absolutely everywhere! Played around a little bit and really enjoyed the beginning of a beautiful sunset with a little snow coming down. - GORGEOUS! Unfortunately I had to work my way down long before I was ready to come down since it was going to be getting dark soon - it was great watching the crazy stuff other pilots were doing to bleed off altitude. Fortunately or unfortunately I didn't have as much to bleed off.

My apologies ahead of time 'cuz I know I'm going to miss some people who were there but Fred and Raean Permenter were there with Turkey Fred buzzing launch when I arrived and doing fantastic wing-overs. He was definitely feeling good on his first flight after his back operation! Kelvin Pierce, Mark Gardner, Brian Hardwick, Steve Vogel, Christy and Mike and also a contingency of Windriders showed up - Doug Rogers, Christian, Tom and Herb. Marvin froze it out parked above launch for 3 hours and 45 minutes! No one was sure how he came down without being a total icecube. Marc Fink patiently wired off pilot after pilot (after pilot) and kept the kids occupied with a mean snowball/iceball fight (not sure who won).

Over at Smithsburg - Richard Reed checked out his brand new Spectrum with ten flights (yeah!), and John Middleton soared Smithsburg for about ten minutes! Eric Logan with students Mike Yudovin and Eric and John had another student Mike and of course Eddie Miller - - - were all there and it sounds like a great time was had by all!

Aftewards to the Otthouse for all the Hang Lies!

Monday, February 17

Headed back out to High Rock Monday where Fred and Raean (reigned Queen for the day with (at least?) 1000' over) and Mark Gardner were the only ones (that I know of!) that sustained extended flight via thermals. Brian Hardwick (sans the vario), Kenny, Marvin and Mike Yudovin all flew with Mike getting his first two flights from High Rock - all right!!

Christy and Eric Logan were there and were both extremely patient running vehicles and bodies up and down. Thank you!

I was thrilled with two light wind launches and extended sleds. Made a couple passes then headed out to the LZ - one NW approach and one SW approach. Another great day!!

Then, OF COURSE, to the Otthouse again!

Too bad I can't get off the middle of this week for some of that 70 degree weather - will somebody call me in sick????