The following is a critique by Pete Lehmann of Dave Proctor's XC flight from Zirk's on March 16, 1997. Pete also provides some general commentary about XC flying that is very useful to new XC pilots. This webpage has been created from email sent to Dave by Pete; I've added some HTML formatting, but made no editorial changes.

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Hi Dave,

Very nice job. You accomplished the hardest part of that trip, getting past Cacapon Mt east of Paw Paw. Looking at a map validates your description of it being east bumfuck.


Christ, it's been a long time since I have had anyone to lecture on this stuff. If you think it'd be of any use to your new XC buddies such as George Price, Mark Cavanaugh, etc please send them a copy. Larry Huffman and I have batted around ideas about how to help your new generation of eager pilots. Doing critiques like this might be one way to accomplish that?

Oh yeah, our flight. Mitch got the furthest (61.6 miles), landing on route seven on the east edge of Blue Ridge mountain east of Winchester, I landed on the western slope of the mountain (59), and Larry landed sick, and frozen north of Winchester (44.9). We went most of the way together after I caught up to them ten miles out. They then scraped me off at the fourty mile mark, and Mitch and I finally hooked up again ten miles short of landing. Climb rates were 200-600 (average about 350), with only Mitch seeing one of 800fpm, and also being the only one to get to base at some eight grand. It was quite easy after the first ten miles, until the last fifteen miles which were in the open Shenandoah valley, and late in the day. Mitch and I landed at about 5:05, and I'd been in the air for 3:40. Helluva fine day.

Again, congratulations on a good flight,