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'Spark drifting over launch at Jean Ridge in Nevada
Photo: unknown
Date: 3/6/2004
Size: 36988 bytes
High resolution
'Spark and another pilot soakin' up some sun
Photo: unknown
Date: 3/6/2004
Size: 28173 bytes
High resolution
Unknown pilot soaring over launch at Table Top mountain in Nevada
Photo: A. Sparks
Date: 3/5/2004
Size: 33363 bytes
High resolution
Same unknown pilot, valley in the background
Photo: A. Sparks
Date: 3/5/2004
Size: 28388 bytes
High resolution
Steve K thermalling out in front of launch at the Pulpit
Photo: unknown
Date: 2/28/2004
Size: 57662 bytes
High resolution
Christy snaps a picture of the Southwestern Ontario Gliding Association's Flight Park from above
Photo: C. Huddle
Date: 08/2001
Size: 211848 bytes
Karen Carra towing down the runway at Currituck, near Kitty Hawk
Photo: M. Graham
Date: 4/25/98
Size: 12465 bytes
Karen lined up behind the tow plane
Photo: M. Graham
Date: 4/25/98
Size: 9730 bytes
Karen against the clouds...
Photo: M. Graham
Date: 4/25/98
Size: 7885 bytes
Mike Chevalier looks down on the LZ at Daniel's
Photo: M. Chevalier
Date: Summer, 1997
Size: 104399 bytes
Steve Hull after tow at Quest Air
Photo: S. Hull
Size: 104739 bytes
Brian Hardwick after launch from Hyner View
Date: 7/97
Size: 147487 bytes
Craig Shelton shortly after launching from Bill's Hill, on his first high flight
Date: 6/7/97
Size: 375721 bytes
Fred Carter after launch from Daniel's
Size: 83940 bytes
Judy McCarty at Fisher Road
Size: 65714 bytes
Karen Carra, site unknown
Size: 36454 bytes
Danny Brotto on a Moyes XtraLite 137 after a tow at the Williamson's Farm
Photo: D. Brotto
Size: 75186 bytes