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Hangola October 15 - 19, 2005


Florida Reports
pilot airtime, alt gain, xc link to report
Paul Tjaden Nice day report


Woodstock Saturday
pilot airtime, alt gain, xc link to report
Bacil Dickert Topped out at 3.7K', windy report
Scott Wilkinson came, waited, windy report
Matthew late day, 2 k over and and an hour report
Ralph Sickinger flew, photos report
Gary Smith and Subdude, Hank & Karma Hengst, John Dullahan and driver Neil, Bruce Engen, Randy Weber, Dan Tomlinson, and Cragin Shelton.


Ground Handling/Training Hill Sunday
pilot airtime, alt gain, xc link to report
Scott Wilkinson beneficial practice report


Hyner Ox Roast
pilot airtime, alt gain, xc link to report
Bob Beck Life is still good but Hyner was better report
Gary Cargen had a blast report
'Spark best times were on terra firma report
Shawn Ray great time report


Texas Boat Towing
pilot airtime, alt gain, xc link to report
Chuck Pyle Nice Day in Texas - Boat Launch report


Retirement Report 2
pilot airtime, alt gain, xc link to report
Christy Huddle blown out in Las Vegas report


Woodstock Monday
pilot airtime, alt gain, xc link to report
Steve Kinsley sooo sweet! 3500 over report
Jim Rowan 1.5 hours, 5400' msl report
Hang 2s Wesley and Hubble did good
Adam, John Mac and Gary Smith


Taylor's Wednesday
pilot airtime, alt gain, xc link to report
Gene Towns Sun, Fun and Run report
Scott Wilkinson training day report
Rich N


Dickey Ridge Wednesday
pilot airtime, alt gain, xc link to report
Steve Kinsley soared, hiked up report
Gary Smith


Daniels Wednesday
pilot airtime, alt gain, xc link to report
Marcel Dettling 1 hour, parents along, road update report


Flight Reports

chgpa Nice day in Florida
Paul Tjaden
Sat, 15 Oct 2005 22:37:52 -0400
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We've been enjoying some crappy weather here for the last couple of weeks. Well... not really that bad but not flyable with lots of low clouds and rain and wind. But today we finally got a weak cool front to push this stuff off to the south and had a really geat day.

I knew it was gonna be good when Lauren (who had released from tow at about 400 feet to do landing practice) cored a thermal and skyed out. I had been standing out in the field with the video camera to shoot her landing but when she appeared to be at about 1,000 feet I decided she wasn't coming down for a while and headed for my glider. Got a couple of hours up to CB at 4,500 feet and ran our little course around Quest that I told you about in an earlier post. Had my best time yet at just over 30 minutes for the 14 mile course.

Hope you guys get in some air time tomorrow. If it was blown out today, it should be good the next day.

Paul T.

P.S. The 2006 season has just started with the on line HG contest. Last year I really enjoyed logging my XC flights and comparing my efforts to other pilots here in the US and around the world. It's a bit of a hassle to register but if I can do it....anyone can. Give it a try! The link is then click on the box that says "DHV on line contest Hang gliders/ Paragliders".


chgpa Woodstock Saturday 10/15
Bacil Dickert
Sun, 16 Oct 2005 09:41:40 -0400
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Arrived at Woodstock to light conditions around 10:45A. Met up w/ Gary Smith and Subdude in the parking lot. Cumies started popping, but the speed of their shadows indicated pretty strong winds aloft. Others that arrived were Hank & Karma Hengst, John Dullahan and driver Neil, Bruce Engen, Randy Webber, Dan Tomlinson, and Cragin Shelton. Entertained a group of wuffos while we waited for conditions to pick up a little. Local TV passed by just above the trees heading SW very slowly, indicating a strong west cross just above the ridge. Conditions started picking up, and I launched into a strong west cross around 12:30P. Turned left and was met by bouncy air in the cross. Slowly rose above the ridge and crept my way SW. Didn't dare turn downwind. Dolphin flew and got to 2K' over following lift lines to the east. Found a decent thermal to circle in and got to 3K' over near the chicken coops. At about 2K' over got thrown into a wingover near to past 90 for the first time by strong lift on the left wing. First time I've ever been bounced that hard. Then it got dicey. Lost altitude to just a couple hundred over the ridge, and the winds picked up. I was always out in front of the ridge, but it was difficult to penetrate at all in any direction. Stuffed the bar to drift back towards launch. Looked back and saw a glider stinking high over launch. Might have been Randy Webber. As I'm drifting back towards launch, get in some lift line and follow it out from the ridge slowly and climbing. Get out enough into the valley and start circling carefully. Topped out at 3.7K' over at about the same time I hear that Hank has landed in a big field NW of the main LZ. I decide to try to make the Karmy airstrip that I have landed at before. An absolutely huge field. Plus it has a nice windsock. It is located just NE of the last U-bend of the river (which borders the chicken coops) before the Edinburg Gap. Start heading SW against a good headwind, and lose 2K' pretty quickly to an LZ that I've landed in before one river bend away from the airstrip. Hover over the LZ and find a lift line and gain 1K' slowly flying upwind to the border of the airstrip. See John down at the Edinburg Gap. I contact him to try to get him to land w/ me, but he decides to put down in the LZ area of the Edinburg Gap. The problem is that both fields have corn in them, and luckily the nearest one to John had a cleared green area, albeit downhill, at the back of the LZ. I hover over the airstrip watching John manuever the glider to the green area, and disappear behind the tree line bordering the field. Turns out he landed nicely slightly downhill. Now to my landing. Very turbulent, but a wide open field just upwind of the strip is where I'm coming down. Get down, ready to flare, and I get popped up 15'. Keep left hand on the downtube, and reach down w/ right hand to the basetube to pull the nose down. Parachute down to a gentle landing. Quickly park the glider in the gusty conditions and unhook. Carrying the glider over to the far tree line (a long way!) is challenging in the gusty air. Got in contact w/ John, and as soon as I packed up the glider the driver arrived, having already picked up John. Timing. Back at launch it was cranking. The faithful were hoping for the conditions to back down before sunset. Hopefully it did for them.



chgpa Did anyone fly late Saturday @ Woodstock?
Sat, 15 Oct 2005 18:33:23 -0400
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Holly and I arrived at Woodstock just before 2pm Saturday to find it blowing like mad and a big crowd of pilots hang waiting at launch. Bacil Dickert, John Dullahan, Randy Webber, Hank Hengst, and Bruce Engen all got into the air early with mixed results---but the general consensus was "You don't want to be up there now!"

During two hours of hanging out, nobody launched as several 25-30mph cycles came roaring through, separated by lulls of a mere 10-15. Finally, I decided to cut my losses for the day and left around 4 or 4:30. So what I'm really wondering is...did anyone launch after I left???

I whipped out the Kestrel in the Burger King parking lot on the way home and measured an average of 6mph with a gust of 17mph---and that was in Burger King's wind shadow---so that made me feel a bit better about my decision to leave.

It was great, though, hanging out and seeing everyone---even when nobody flies, it's a good crowd of people to hang wait with! :)



chgpa Did anyone fly late Saturday @ Woodstock?
Sat, 15 Oct 2005 23:21:49 -0400
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Yep. Me, Gary S., and Tad flew at the end of the day. Both Gary and I launched in really smooth, sweet cycles around 5:30pm. Tad launched in a bit stronger stuff. Winds aloft were strong. But I had no problems penetrating with full VG on.... mostly. Got parked twice for a few seconds. There were a couple of sink holes. But for the most part the air wasn't too turb... at most a 3-4 on a scale of 1-10. Pretty gentle for Woodstock actually. I got 2 k over and and an hour. The last twenty minutes of the flight were baby-butt smooth with lift extending out past the river. Beautiful start to sunset in the valley as the moon rose over the mountains. Tad and I planned to land to the South near the private air strip that Dan and Bacil like. But I coulen't find it and we returned and landed in the main LZ with Gary. My worries for a rough landing were for naught. It was dead calm in the LZ.



chgpa Re: Did anyone fly late Saturday @ Woodstock?
Ralph Sickinger (R2)
Sun, 16 Oct 2005 19:39:59 -0400
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Yep; got pictures to prove it...



chgpa Sunday in the Park With Hang Glider
Sun, 16 Oct 2005 16:35:59 -0400
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Since it was so blown-out today (and I couldn't get to Woodstock due to dinner plans) I took my glider over to Morgan Grove Park in Shepherdstown to get some ground handling and footlaunch practice. Holly came along to videotape some of my runs and do a few herself with the glider.

Winds were gusting up in the teens, so it was great ground handling practice---got to practice jumping through the control frame to grab the nose wires, then moving back again. It was also great practice just holding the glider up in strong, switchy winds and "flying" the glider, letting it weathervane as the direction changed and keeping the wings level.

At one point I tried to be a hot dog and fly the glider (while facing it) from the nose wires during a strong gust. Next thing I know, up comes a wing, and upside-down goes the glider. DOH! Holly ran to assist and we flipped it upright (with help from the wind) with no harm but a dirty nose cone---and me feeling like an idiot.

Did many launch runs during lulls, concentrating on smooth, fast acceleration without popping the nose. I noticed and corrected one hand position issue that was allowing my nose to come up a bit (maybe some other folks might benefit from this):

I noticed when I transitioned from grapevine to bottle grip, my hands sometimes ended up 6" higher on the down tubes. This naturally tends to happen when you rotate from "thumbs out" to "thumbs in." When I focused on rotating my hands while keeping them low on the downtubes (e.g. in the same place), it really helped keep my nose down during the run.

Who says you need a training hill to practice? :) I plan to do this more---it was beneficial!



chgpa da roast
bob beck
Oct 16, 2005 6:15 PM
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Yeah, viewed in the context of soaring Da Ox Roast was a bust. Viewed in the context of a God damn good time it was mahvelous. Yup, it rained Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat, & Sun (to varying degrees) and was BTFO Sat, Sun, and fcst into Wed. BUT, my sides still hurt from all the laughing and good times that were had. So, all you weather pussies, hi gas price babies, and "it won't be soarable" snivelers. While you were hanging around the house cursing your luck, doing chores, and otherwise being BORING. The few, the proud, the wet, and the drunk were laughing their asses off and having a good time. Life is still good but Hyner was better. HAW HAW HAW......Bob.


wrhgc Re: da roast
Gary Cargen
Oct 17, 2005 4:48 PM
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That wasn't the Ox Roast that was Joe's birthday party. The Ox Roast is next week. Hey Karen that was great cake. I had a blast . Hey Shawn ! Camel toe Camel Toe camel Toe!!!

Gary (still smilin)


chgpa Hyner Ox Roast Report
Sun, 16 Oct 2005 18:13:12 -0400
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Hyner was a great time as usual ... due to the weather, the best times were on terra firma.

I arrived early on Friday morning after driving half-way Thursday night and camping in Dave 'Spoons' front yard. As expected, launch was socked in with clouds and drizzle until about 11am. I made two extended soaring PG flights mid-day. Winds switched N later, preventing any further aviation.

Saturday it was seriously blown out by noon - with winds gusting to 35+. I enjoyed some serious Zagi flying with frequent periods of zero and negative ground speed - it sure is nice to be able to do that without actually being 'in' the wing.

Both Friday and Saturday evenings hanging out with friends around the campfire were very enjoyable. I'm really looking forward to the next great Hyner year.



chgpa Hyner Ox Roast Report
Mon, 17 Oct 2005 08:15:29 -0400
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My wife, and I got up to Hyner around 1pm saturday. When we arrived Spark and Dennis Pagen were doing some pg kiting in the lz.After stowing some of my gear I walked over and Spark introduced me to Dennis. He seems like a very giving , and nice guy.Dennis then took myself and a japaneese pilot up to launch and explained the Hyner process! He told us what to look for and stay away from.When we was standing down on launch a big storm developed with big rain drops and HAIL.Before Dennis left he was gracious enough to sign my book PEFORMANCE FLYING,- nice guy.Spark had his zagi up and was trying to get it back as hail beat his face.He said it was MOST INVIGORATING! My wife, Me, and Spark then went into Renovo to have some fair food and take in the Flaming Fall Foliage Festival.Saturday evening we listened to the Penn State game on the radio,-Penn State lost IN THE FINAL SECOND.My wife and I was then invited to a birthday party up at the end of the lz with a BIG fire, it felt good.I sat beside Shawn Macduff, boy he's a character. He had me laughing all night. Then the hot cider and captain morgan started flowing!! There was no flying to be had, but Hyner I found out is not just about the flying............ I'll be back. Maybe it won't be flyable, but I don't care. I'll be back.



chgpa Nice Day in Texas - Boat Launch
Chuck Pyle
Mon, 17 Oct 2005 12:08:20 -0400
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I had the lake-tow operations all to myself (and Gregg Ludwig -- equipment owner/operator) Saturday on Lake Conroe-- and what a day it was! Lot's of bouyant air with bits of lift sufficient to energize my vario and extend each of my four flights. Wind coming in lightly from the north made for a couple of no-step landings. Yes I did say no-step. The water is low on the lake so the island is more exposed than normal. A few weeks ago I'd been landing in three feet of water at that spot -- Saturday's landing was high and dry! Four excellent flights with the final landing in the marina at the house. Three of the four releases were between 2200 and 2600 feet. A little burst of boat traffic on the lake cut one release to 1560' As usual, all Gregg's equipment performed flawlessly -- the softness of the nose release and launch is like butter-smooth. It was an incredible finish to the lake season (unless Gregg calls an improtu flight day!).
You know it's been a good day when the "smiles" linger on like a warm after-glow,


chgpa Blown out in Las Vegas
Christy Huddle
Mon, 17 Oct 2005 15:06:34 -0400
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I arrived in Las Vegas (Ron Peck's place - Spark's contact - Thanks, Spark) around 7:30 pm Friday, just in time for Friday night movies. Ron had rigged up a blanket to show movies outside. The kids went first and the movie for grown ups started at 8: 30. Constantine was showing. I'd never heard of it and it wouldn't have been a movie I would have chosen to see (horror genre), but it was fine, especially after having consumed a couple of Ron's frozen margaritas.

The next day Ron lined up some pilots to head for Jean Mt,a 300' mesa near Jean NV,long enough to handle several pilots if the wind is straight in. The prediction was for 15-30. When we arrived it was doing about 15, but real crossed from the left (south). By the time we'd finished setting up (around 11:30 or so), it was blowing around 20-30, with higher gusts. And it was an increasing forecast. Ron was the only one to launch and while in the air, he radioed back that 'it wasn't a good idea.' So the rest of us got to bag it in the increasing wind, with the dust blowing. I'd shown Ron the video Rich had made of some of our flying sites and while we were setting up, he and the other pilots had said how great it would be to have grass covered launches. I can see why. My glider and harness (and me) were covered with dust.

After picking up Ron (who'd pulled off a scary, but good landing down below), we retired to a sports bar for beer and hot wings. When you can't do it, you talk about it.

I left there around 4 and drove to George and J Stebbins' place in Palmdale CA. I spent the night after taking a shower to remove the LV dust. The plan had been to maybe fly Sunday, but the weather wasn't very conducive for that. After lunch I drove the back roads (in part) to Ojai where I saw the movie In her shoes (great flic) and then hit the sack in the back of my truck on a side road next to downtown Ojai. (While on the road to Colorado, I spent 3 nights in the back of the truckin church parking lots - Baptist, CofC, Catholic. I'm really enjoying this life!)

The forecast is for showers until Tuesday evening. I've sign up for paragliding lessons with Eagle Paragliding in Santa Barbara for Wednesday and Thursday.On Friday I head up to Big Sur with some SB pilots. The forecast is looking good for those days. I was hoping to get in some ground handling before the PG lessons on Tuesday evening. I have some more PG lessons scheduled when I return to SB. I'm hoping to have a P2 rating before leaving SB.



chgpa Woodstock Monday
Mon, 17 Oct 2005 21:30:32 -0400
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That was sooo sweet! 3500 over. Blowin' just right. Hang 2s Wesley and Hubble did good. Guest appearance by JR. Plus Adam, John Mac and Gary Smith. Gorgeous day. Lotsa hawks and one bald.


chgpa Woodstock Monday
Mon, 17 Oct 2005 22:25:04 -0400
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I saw three balds and flew intimately with one of them, although I think I made him/her nervous. It started off a bit strong and windy, but got better as the day progressed. Got to 5400' msl in a "poosh-out" (5.0 ) thermal later in the afternoon drifting behind the main ridge with Steve K. and Homer. Ended up flying out front to Woodstock/Rt 11 before boating/floating over the valley and then landing after 1.5 hours. A great way to spend a Monday, especially for someone who only gets to Woodstock once or twice a year.



chgpa Training Day
Wed, 19 Oct 2005 18:42:51 -0400
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Sun, Fun and Run. Met Scott W. and Rich N. at Taylors. Set up streamers and prepared for PT. Good day for training, beautiful sky and warm sun made for great flights. Not many cowpies, but did step in one on last flight then another retrieving streamers. Yeah, it was fresh and mushy..... Lost five pounds from sweating. Gene


chgpa Training Day
Wed, 19 Oct 2005 18:54:44 -0400
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Ditto what Gene said---Sun, Fun, and (huff-huff-huff-pant-pant-pant) Run! :) Taylors was perfect---a little crossing from the south, but smooth winds at 7-10mph. Neither Gene nor I have been there since the infamous fence was put up, but it was a non-issue as we just turned left after launching from the top and landed out that way, well away from the fence.

I was disgusted at not being able to sprint back up the hill with my glider in one go! :) Good motivation to keep hitting the training hill. Have they cut that corn at Smithsburg yet?

Many thanks to Rich for helping out with hang checks, grabbing the nose, etc.



chgpa Dickey Ridge Wednesday
Wed, 19 Oct 2005 21:32:55 -0400
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Gary Smith and I flew Dickey's today. Initally very light. Gary never really hit anything and sank out. I cut way left and and found enough to hang on for a while. Then it got easier. Pretty soon I was just boating around. Went all the way doww to the Gooney Manor overlook (two overlooks south). Boatin and Boatin, Better and better but also stronger and stronger. Could see the trees rocking. Started getting worried and wished I had actually looked at the weather. The LZ is horrible if it is blowing. Panicked and landed. Uneventful.

Hiked up. Beautiful day.

Gary brought out his Zagi after. I tried it but I stink.


chgpa Daniels Wednesday
Marcel Dettling
Thu, 20 Oct 2005 00:06:45 -0400
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Daniels was sweet today. Arrived at around 1.30pm with my parents, to show them one of the places where I fly here in the US. The winds were light, around 6mph straight in. Waited for a good cycle and launched my PG around 2pm. I was happy because I picked a good moment to launch and soon got around 350ft over. It was the first time my mom saw me flying and I could even wave at her from above. After a while of boating around I got low but saved my ass over the house and climbed out again. I landed after the next flush cycle, close to 1 hour total air time.

I also hoped for a glass-off and a good evening flight. However, there was not enough flow. The air was buoyant, mostly only 50fpm sink, but no lift. Also the winds had switched to a noticeable, light west cross. A nice 10 minute flight was the result.

Some general information: the road to launch doesn't seem to be in worse condition than it was all summer long (no further damage from the rain last week). Good clearance 4WD is necessary, but we walked anyway, my car is poor clearance 2WD. I also think today it would have been to light for HGs, especially because the shallow slot does need some trimming (it was no problem for a PG, though).

Cheers & happy landings,



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