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Hangola October 22 - 26, 2005


Sailplane Report Last Sunday
pilot airtime, alt gain, xc link to report
Danny Brotto 12K and 14L MSL., O2, photos report


Florida Report
pilot airtime, alt gain, xc link to report
Paul Tjaden Florida Flying and Wilma report


California Report
pilot airtime, alt gain, xc link to report
Mark Cavanaugh flying in San Diego report


Pulpit Sunday
pilot airtime, alt gain, xc link to report
Shawn Ray condition report report


Woodstock Sunday
pilot airtime, alt gain, xc link to report
Tom Cuenen photos report
Matthew 2 pg flights report
Ellis Kim hang waiting, photos report


New Zealand Report
pilot airtime, alt gain, xc link to report
Jim Rooney pg flight report


Woodstock Wednesday
pilot airtime, alt gain, xc link to report
Shawn Ray road open, condition report report


Flight Reports

chgpa Local Sailplane Wave Report w/ Pix...
Danny Brotto
Sat, 22 Oct 2005 12:15:35 -0400
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I had little real expectation of flying the sailplane last Sunday as it looked too breezy (but I brought the gear along anyway LOL.) The topography at Fairfield compels take-off to the SE. With a stiff NW blowing, the strong tailwind does not make for a pleasant launch. I was rather surprised as I arrived at the airport to see a glider launching and a group of pilots assembling. The NW on the grough was rather moderate. I assembled my LS-8 and towed just as the TFR expired.

I took a high tow right into the wave on the upwind side of a cloud just below CB releasing at 4.5K AGL (5.1K MSL). Shortly after release, numerous clouds began forming ahead of me and I needed to snake my way through to keep in the open. Being able to go 150 MPH sure is welcome at moments like these! There were 3 others from my gliderport flying and we established ourselves at between 12K and 14L MSL.

This was my first real opportunity to use the O2 system I installed last year. It's an EDS system that provides a pulse of O2 at each inhalation instead of the more typical constant flow system. It worked great and I was quite comfortable at altitude.

More so than on other wave flight, we had to keep an eye on the rapidly cycling clouds below lest becoming trapped over-the-top. It was pretty thick down there! Wave was solid and smooth; it was going up everywhere! After 2.5 hours, I suspended the mission finding a hole and circling down below CB. I got rained on briefly and it was quite dark and turbulent from CB down to ~ 3K MSL. It smoothed out below that and the landing was uneventful. The ground wind had definitely picked up from just a few hours previous. Quite a memorable day!

Here are some photos shot during our fun day. They are rather large files of 1M each; you dial-up users are warned!

Here's a pic of me taken by Fred Mueller

Here's another one taken by Fred. Notice the Dulles-inbound jet (apx 10K MSL) below and the glider above!

A view out my nose at 14K MSL still climbing at 200 ft/minute. I topped out in this wave at 15.5K MSL, my max for the day. I registered the winds at altitude to be 56 MPH and the temps to be -5C.

Danny Brotto


chgpa Florida Flying and Wilma
Paul Tjaden
Sat, 22 Oct 2005 17:22:54 -0400
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Pretty boring day today as we sit around under cloudy skies waiting for Wilma to show up. Doesn't look like she will cause much troble here in central Florida but I helped break down a couple tandem gliders this AM and some of the Dragonfly tow planes have been de-winged in preparation. Decided to wait till tomorrow to pull more wings in hope that the storm might stay well south of here.

Kevin C. and I tried an out and back to Fantasy of Flight (about 25 miles south of here) a couple of days back. Lift was decent and I pinned off at 1,500 then climbed to CB at about 3,500 in light to moderate lift. Kevin joined me and we started south under a short cloud street. Initially, there seemed to be numerous areas of lift and we stayed high with tops around 3,800. But then, about ten miles out, we hit an area where the clouds were dying.

It doesn't take long to get into survival mode from 3,500 feet and I quickly reached a point where I was starting to get nervous about LZ's. My leg is still healing and I wasn't anxious to try a foot landing yet and there, just to my north, was the long. smooth runway for the Seminole Sail Plane port. Kevin was heading on to the south but I saw nothing that direction that looked all that great so I fished around Seminole while losing another 1,500 feet of altitude and then landed. Of course, Kevin found lift to the south, got back up and made it back to Quest (Argh!!!) He did abandon the goal of Fantasy but I still had to drive back to Quest, rather than flying, and face Kevins gloating face. "How did you know there would be lift to the south? There were no markers that I could see." I asked.

" I could feel the air was better that way." he replied.

Yeh, Right! Oh well... guess that's why he's currently 7th in the world rankings and I'm not.

Still, it was nice to re-aquaint myself with Jim Lee, hang gliding legend from New Mexico and now managing and teaching soaring at Seminole. He had spotted me preparing to land in the zero wind conditions and had all his students watching to see if I'd do a power wack with my heavy wing in the L and V conditions. He told me later that everyone was really dissapointed when I greased it in on my wheels. They were all hoping for more carnage.

Sorry to babble on but like I said...I'm pretty bored today.

Hope you guys get in some flying this weekend. Come visit.

Paul T.


chgpa Mt. Laguna : Whoa baby!
Sat, 22 Oct 2005 23:14:29 -0400
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Quick flight report from San Diego:

Sat/Sun Oct. 15/16 were blown out at Horse and Laguna, so no flying was had. Then a couple days of rain. And then... Off to Mount Laguna!!

Launch is at about 6000' MSL, 3000' above the desert floor. You have at least 1000' vertical immediately under your feet at launch. It is an impressive place!

I don't have my own photos yet, but this image conveys some of the feel of launch:

An inversion capped the thermals at about 5500', a bit below launch. But I still had a blast, flying for over an hour above terrain that is a hang glider pilot's dream. Spines, ridgelines, outcrops, entire mountains... all laid out before you as if at a banquet. Truly a world-class site!

(And this was just a boat-around, land at the local LZ type of day!)

I flew with SD pilots Jerry Mahoney (my host, who kindly offered use of a WW XC), John Burke, and Bill Helliwell. Joined the SDHGPA, seeing as I'm out there once or twice a year.

There was a downside to the day : Jerry ended up downwind on final, and separated a shoulder in the ensuing whack. So we had to land and transport him out of there. I discovered in the process that the tylenol I usually carry in my harness was missing; I had tossed it after noticing how old it was. So there's an obvious lesson here : make sure your emergency gear is always complete and restocked. You never know when you are going to need it.

Just got back in town tonight, and am keeping my fingers crossed for a Woodstock day tomorrow.

Mark C.


chgpa Pulpit
Shawn Ray
Sun, 23 Oct 2005 12:36:43 -0400
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Just got back from there at noon ....Strong! ,but straight in. Shawn.


chgpa Where will folks be flying on Sunday, Oct 23rd?
Sun, 23 Oct 2005 19:36:14 -0400
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Some pics off take-off, landing and others.

Dear God a bit more wind and less clouds please for next weekend!



chgpa Umm...did anyone fly hang gliders yesterday?
Mon, 24 Oct 2005 10:49:40 -0400
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Didn't fly my hang glider. Flew my paraglider twice. Got 200 over and 26 minutes on first flight and 16 minutes on second flight. Tom C. had flight of the day with around 90 minutes and 2300+ over. He launched right into a thermal. Danny Brotto also scratched for a 20 minute flight. Sleds and extendos for everyone else who flew-- Bacil, Carlos, Brian VH and PGs Sparky, Marcel, Lazlo and Stephan. Lots of folks again broke down and didn't fly. There was also some potatoing at launch and passing up good launchable cycles while waiting for it to turn on instead of launching and making the best of it. I went up for a third flight but it turned catabatic just after I laid out my wing.



chgpa PG in NZ
Tue, 25 Oct 2005 03:07:17 -0400
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Had my first PG high flight yesterday.

I've been taking lessons at the local school in Queenstown (Extreme Air). I've taken lessons in the States and kited PGs around quite a bit so it didn't take them long to chuck me off the top (Coronet Piek). Mucho Funo.

The picture isn't me, but if you check out my "week 2" photos, that's Coronet Launch. Stunning doesn't begin to describe it.

I'm finding that hang gliding is done in Queenstown, but if you want to come and do hang gliding, bring your own wing. The only place I've heard so far of having a chance of finding a wing to fly, rent or buy is Christchurch and it sounds like a pretty locked up market (aka, pricy).

Learning PG and picking up used gear is a good bit easier.

Oh, one cool thing that you can do here in a PG...
Fly over town and land IN town. There's a gondola to the top that leaves from town and they land in the two schoolyards at the bottom. I'll have to get pictures, it's quite a sight. I may have to take a tandem ride just for that.



chgpa hangwaiting at Woodstock
Ellis Kim
Wed, 26 Oct 2005 12:57:53 -0400
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pictures of some hang waiting - sunday october 23


chgpa Woodstock Wednesday
Shawn Ray
Wed, 26 Oct 2005 15:39:26 -0400
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Road was open. I was there from noon till 1:30. Up until about 1 it was straight in 10/15 gusting to 20. After 1 it started to amp up, and started raining.I hung out on launch for a while and watched the streamers.


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