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Hangola November 2 - 6, 2005


Woodstock Wednesday
pilot airtime, alt gain, xc link to report
Steve K Heard some radio chatter of 6500 msl. Best I could do was just shy of 2500 over report
Tom McG, Adam, Hank, Bruce, Nelson, Pete Schuman, John MacAllister.


Dickey Ridge Thursday
pilot airtime, alt gain, xc link to report
Tom Ceunen finally got airborn at 3PM (late arrival) report


Florida Reports
pilot airtime, alt gain, xc link to report
Lauren Tjaden Friday, little XC comp report
Lauren Tjaden Quest Comp Saturday report
Lauren Tjaden I did better than I thought! Quest comp Sunday report


Ridgely Saturday
pilot airtime, alt gain, xc link to report
Linda Baskerville more flights on new sport 2 report


Dickey Ridge Saturday
pilot airtime, alt gain, xc link to report
Tom Ceunen 5400' asl, photos report


Taylor Hill Saturday
pilot airtime, alt gain, xc link to report
John Middleton Very good teaching day report
Cragin Shelton good time on the training hill report
Chris A hang 1!


Long Green Saturday
pilot airtime, alt gain, xc link to report
Shawn Ray first flights in 5 months report
Spark Ken took photos report
Rich Bloomfield good practice report
Rich Hays great turn out report
Ken Swingle, Hugh, Dan


Flight Reports

chgpa Woodstock Wednesday
Steve K
Wed, 2 Nov 2005 21:01:38 -0500
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Gorgeous fall day at WS. All blue. Tom McG, Adam, Hank, Bruce, Nelson, Pete Schuman, John MacAllister. And me. Heard some radio chatter of 6500 msl. Best I could do was just shy of 2500 over. Wasn't all that strong. Maybe even PGable. Bruce flew down to Mt. Jackson. Nelson was still up when I left about 20 minutes before sunset.


chgpa Re: Finally, not too embarrassed to post, plus latest gossip
Lauren Tjaden
Fri, 4 Nov 2005 18:06:40 -0500
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You guys are so sweet. Marc talking about coming here to help us by competing choked me up (Marc, you can fly my Sport 2 if you need a glider) Your kind words and good wishesmean much to me.

We are having a little XC comp at Quest over the weekend (flying a course around the airport, so even novice pilots can share in the fun), with about 30 pilots. Everyone can practice with their instruments and making waypoints. Lots of folks showed up today.

I flew with Greg Denaier and Paul; others were in the sky butthe three of usshared thermals. The lift was weak and low. I stuck with them but couldn't outclimb them. ThenI ventured off trying to find something better, and damn, they were the ones that made the better decision.It wasgreat fun to be out on a perfect day with them.We all landed within ten minutes of each other so I didn't feel too bad.

Nailed the landing again ---sweeeuuut! I am still kind of astonished to find myself quietly standing on my feet after I flare, butIwill get used to it. I think the Litespeed may slowly be losing herfear of me now that I don't bash her into the ground anymore.

The comp will be wonderful though Paul must fly out on Sunday to tend to a sick family member. Ah, enough babbling!

Fly safe, speck out.


chgpa Highland Sat
Linda Baskerville
Sat, 5 Nov 2005 18:28:51 -0500
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I made an early morning run to Highland to do some pattern tows on the sport2. Managed to squeak in 2 tows after Charlotte's tandem, then raced back for some afternoon kids stuff at home.

Still flopping my landings [Embarassed] (flare timing too late) but my angles and approaches are improving.

Charlotte had a great ride. Adam said she was nailing her headings (apparently also likes to zoom around - like her mom :D !)

Beautiful day with lots of pilots showing up as the morning progressed.

Can't wait to hear today's reports from Carlos, and Mike Balk (and the new club they are forming!) :P .

Julia Lukas is back in town. She looks great and was debating the pros and cons of getting some lesson time in at this point in her extremely mobile career. I hope she has more time to get back to her flying now with the change in her position at her company.

I am pleased to report that I managed to get the @#(*&%&@^#% tip wands in and out, all by myself, just fine today; as well as managing to put on the nose wire. The nose wire is more difficult than the tip wands! I don't think Wills Wing realizes that in order for someone of my musculature to get the tang on and past that button at the nosewire - somehow going for the button defeats all my stretching/hauling/attempts at component reconciliation [Shocked] . That alone was significant progress for me! But boy-O-boy the glider takes significantly longer to set up/brake down than the falcon! - Linda


chgpa Dickies Thursday
tom ceunen
Thu, 3 Nov 2005 20:44:00 -0500
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I finaly got airborn at 3PM (late arrival). Conditions were all you could wish (+7mph).
I landed to share the sunset with my wife after a nice not so high autumn flight.

High up the trees are rapidly loosing all there leaves.
I also saw a post that the skyline drive will be closed in the nights;
From November 14, 2005, through January 7, 2006, the Skyline Drive between Front Royal (Mile 0 at U.S. Highway 340) and Thornton Gap (Mile 31 at U.S. Highway 211), and between Swift Run Gap (Mile 65 at U.S. Highway 33) and Rockfish Gap (Mile 105 at U.S. Highway 250), will be closed daily between 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m.

Honestly I hope to get some flights there in Winter as well.

Tomorrow looks quite weak Sparky, check the weather.
Saturday I probably go for Daniels unless it is more SW than S.

Look from above:


chgpa Quest Comp Saturday
Lauren Tjaden
Sun, 6 Nov 2005 06:44:54 -0500
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About 30 pilots, which included those in the sports class, the rigid division, and open division, arrived to compete in the Quest comp this weekend. Dave Glover showed up to download our GPS tracklogs and score. It is pretty much like a real comp but more fun, without the start times and all the courses run around Quest so everyone can compete, even new pilots.

Mitch Shipley was the only one to complete the open course (stiff east wind, OK lift). Campbell beat Paul by 26 seconds around the rigid course, but Paul must leave for Kansas in the AM so he will not be able to try again.

I was the VERY first pilot to launch. I tried the course twice but only got the first waypoint each time. My finish was probably about average but I don't really know until I check out the scores tomorrow. If I did this every day for a month it would be good for my flying! But I got to fly for about an hour and a half in beautiful weather with some good friends.

Anyhow, I had a couple more good landings and really feel like I'm dialing into the new glider. I did some things right today and a few that could have been better decisions.

I need a new name for my glider, though. Angel is just too sickeningly hokey.

The friggin' faucet on our sink ruptured and it is a huge mess so we ended up cutting the party short to come home and try to fix it (which Paul can't do before he leaves, though I bolted into town and bought a new faucet, the damn thing needs these extensions). The party featured BBQ ribs, ala Steve Kroop, and poker, of course, besides lots of beer and pilots.

Gotta go to bed so I can get Paul to the airport early and be back in time to fly. Who knows what I will do with the disaster in the kitchen.



chgpa Dickies Saturday
tom ceunen
Sat, 5 Nov 2005 22:14:25 -0500
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No doubt this was the indian summer day to fly at Dickies. Local XC, with strong thermals climbing up to the inversion at 5400 feet asl. Enjoy the views of Dickies Visitor Center, Shenandoah ridges direction south, Front Royal, Jim flying along, spectacular skies and the nice fall colors of the Shenandoah on following link


chgpa Taylor Hill Saturday, 11/5?
John Middleton
Sun, 6 Nov 2005 09:07:48 -0500
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Very good teaching day at Taylors on Saturday. Winds were 0 - 5 mph crossing little from left at times but reasonably straight others. Started to get calm around 4 PM. Students got their fill with Chris A. passing his hang 1. Cragin and Chris Donahue also their flying. Did at least 1 hour of mowing grass on the hill. Great to be back at Taylors.

john middleton


chgpa Taylor Hill Saturday, 11/5?
Sun, 6 Nov 2005 10:27:57 -0500
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Good time on the training hill Saturday. I had a specific mission this time, to practice light wind launches with my Ultrasport. A few weeks ago at Woodstock I set up but did not fly because the winds were so light. Brian flew his Falcon that day, and Carlos his Pulse. If I had had my Pulse, I would have, also, but was not sure of myself on very light wind run with the heavier US.

All last year, every time I went to the training hill, I had used my Pulse, because it is easier to carrry back up the hill.

This time I brought both gliders, but only set up the US. I got in three good launches, all in very light and slightly crossing winds. Lots of running... 2 or 3 steps more on the hill than I may have needed with the Pulse. The various Falcon and Eagle pilots in John's class were getting airborne sooner than I.

With three flights, even though the launches were good, I did get a bit tired on the carries back up. I was fatigued on the final flight, and did not handle the landing well. No damage, just embarrasing to slide it in.

John's students were looking good. Bob, who has had one WS flight with John on a Falcon is now ready to seek observers, comfortable with his new Eagle and Z5 harness. Chris Donahue looked very good on his launches and landings (better than me). Busy as a catcher at the trapeze school, he did not get to the mountains all summer, and is ready to get in some flying again.

Taking it easy today, and out of town next week, so gonna be a while before I get another flying day.



chgpa Long Green Saturday
Sun, 6 Nov 2005 08:17:21 -0500
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Spark, and I drove to Baltimore to fly Long Green hill.A hill that Richard Hayes got opened up for teaching, and practicing.Check with him for the rules of the site and directions.On the way to the hill, we were on 695 cruising along.We then heard this beeping from a vehicle and we look over. It's Hugh on his bmw cycle with his pg on his back!Cool.Now that's gas efficient!We got to the hill to find Hugh, Daniel,and Richard with his class. Daniel and Hugh were flying pg closing in fast on their p2's.Ken Swingle showed up to fly pg, and I believe he bought a pg harness from Spark.

The hill is very nice I thought- wide open at the bottom,
I was set up ,and ready to launch( first time in 5 months),. Then the monster sound system kicked in!A guy who lives right there brought out his sound system for us to jam while we practiced. Nice!

The launch is pretty flat on top( it slopes some towards the hill) and then it falls away. I started my launch run on top, but then must pull in as you get to the edge. I remember telling myself- OK body do what my brain tells you and all will be good! It Worked.I made 3 good launches, some minor turns and 3 landings on my feet! Just like riding a bicycle!

The weather was great! It was just a nice day to be outside.
Thanks to Spark, and Richard for keeping an eyeball on me.

I had fun!

Shit! I forgot about Rich Bloomfield. He was there working on his launches. He just started when Sparky, and I left.


chgpa Long Green Saturday
Sun, 6 Nov 2005 10:16:50 -0500
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Ken took some Photos


chgpa Long Green Saturday
Rich B
Sun, 6 Nov 2005 11:50:45 -0500
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Launches and landings,had to get out of 2 step bellyflop mode,mission accomplished.Nice hill,really had me huffin and puffin. Rich b.


chgpa Long Green Saturday
Richard Hays
Sun, 6 Nov 2005 18:44:18 -0500
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Wow......what a turn out on Saturday ! I had three students and Sparky brought along Hugh, Dan, Rich and Ken? The paragliders' were doing their do and the wings with bones were doing ours. Conditions at first were really light and this hill works best when the wind revvs up. But...after awhile the wind picked up and everyone was getting a belly full of flights. Average velocity was about 10mph.

The soy beans straight out forced us to fly the SSW direction ( hanggliders ) but the bags could basically not have to worry about it. Top, slope and bottow are very manicured. Shawn Ray came out and was absolutely flawless in his flights. I was telling my student to emulate his style and they watched him exicute perfect launches, flights and landings. Welcome back Shawn

Ended up breaking down around sunset. Excellent day.

Rich Hays


chgpa I did better than I thought! Quest comp Sunday
Lauren Tjaden
Tue, 8 Nov 2005 08:28:01 -0500
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My arms ached. I had been following the tug for many minutes, climbing at only 1 or 2 hundred feet per minute. Joe, my tug pilot, flew over the widest range of sky possible, trying vainly to find a bit of lift in the large blue hole over Quest. Finally, he gave up and waved me off. I spotted the vaguest wisp of a cloud by the start circle, 2 miles south of the field. I raced over and climbed, and tagged the start. My next turnpoint was 4 miles north -- across the blue sink. I didn't make it, but landed back at the field. It was better than the sled rides most of the pilots had, but it wasn't great.

I tried again when a few clouds formed and I saw birds soaring, even though the day was getting late. This time I climbed to 4000 feet, a mile north of the field (and 3 miles from the start). I ventured even further north to a better cloud, where 2 bald eagles led me. One had a mouse in his claws. Cool. I flew into the wispies and took off south.

I'll keep this short. JD and I flew together lots, and we both got drilled on our way to the second turnpoint, headed into a stiff headwind. Lots of swamp below. Scary. I was grateful to hear my 5030 sing its happy song when we finally snagged the waypoint and I could whip around and head home -- at 50 mph groundspeed!

Neither of us made the next turnpoint but we sure had fun. I wimped out early but JD followed the vultures we were with downwind from the field and barely squeaked in over the trees when he finally gave up.

Mitch Shipley won the open division (15 pilots, the others were sport and rigids), flying the WHOLE course in under half an hour. He was the only pilot in the open to complete the course either day, and he was lightening fast. I do not get it, like how he does it. Jim Prahl was second, and JD and I tied for 3rd. Pretty amazing to see all the pilots, like magic fairy dust in the air, telling you instantly how smart or dumb your decisions are. I liked the eagles the best, though.



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