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Hangola November 11 - 15, 2005


High Rock Friday
pilot airtime, alt gain, xc link to report
Doug Rogers flights 1.5 hrs+ gains to 2300' over report
Gene Towns 3K, hour+ report
Shawn Ray Stayed around 450 over but got to 600 over for 1hr.10mins report
Hugh McElrath :25, 750' over report
Tom M, Carlos, Sparky, Andrew, Tim


Woodstock Friday
pilot airtime, alt gain, xc link to report
Mark Cavanaugh close to 3 hours of airtime, 3k' over report
John Middleton flew up to the north and then south to the gap report
Kolie Lombard 8K in sailplane out of Front Royal report
Dan, Bruce, Hank, John M, Chris D, and Dave B


Long Green Saturday
pilot airtime, alt gain, xc link to report
Rich Hays lots of flying report


Ridgely Saturday
pilot airtime, alt gain, xc link to report
Linda Baskerville more Sport2 flights and landings report
A big crowd turned out for the last flyable day of the Ridgely season


Daniel's Saturday
pilot airtime, alt gain, xc link to report
Tom Ceunen light but good conditions report
Marcel Dettling 2 hour-long flights report
7 PGs


Daniel's Sunday
pilot airtime, alt gain, xc link to report
Marcel Dettling 3 flights, couple hours airtime report
4 PGs and 4 HGs


501 Sunday
pilot airtime, alt gain, xc link to report
Doug Rogers Gains of 400' over and flights over an hour report
Karen Gorrie report
Joe and Karen, Keith, Natalie and Doug


Taylor's Sunday
pilot airtime, alt gain, xc link to report
John Middleton started out windy but got good mid afternoon report


Central PA Trip
pilot airtime, alt gain, xc link to report
Brian Vant-Hull Pleasant Gap, Superbowl report


Florida Tuesday
pilot airtime, alt gain, xc link to report
Paul Tjaden 46 miles report


Flight Reports

wrhgc Veterans Day!
Doug Rogers
Nov 11, 2005 9:10 PM
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High Rock was Rockin today. Conditions were STFI 10 to 15 with flights 1.5 hrs+ gains to 2300' over, clear skies with mixed in cumies warm temps and lotsa birds.

Tom M, Shawn R, Carlos, Sparky, Gene, Andrew, Hugh, and Doug R. Sorry if I missed anyone. And a great meal with Natalie close to home.



chgpa Friday 11/11
Sat, 12 Nov 2005 00:14:39 -0500
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Woodstock Was Workin', Woo-Hoo!!!

Some of the pilots there seemed to think it was a pretty sure bet that 'Stock would be good today. For myself, I thought it would be a gamble, and was prepared to book back up I-81 to HRock until the last minute.

It was the satellite photos that made me think it would be worth a try : widespread wave was visible at 10:00am. But for how long? And when would it go southwest?

For nearly all of the drive out there, I didn't see even one tree branch moving. At some of the crests on the way out, there was a little bit of wind on the truck... But what direction? Hard to tell.

I wound up at Tom's Brook, gassed up, and hung around for a bit. Started to feel a few bonafide NW breezes... Heard that Hank H. was already at launch, and there was 5-8 mph coming in.... So I finally decided to give it a go, after Dan T had showed up.

There were 7 of us: me and Dan, Bruce, Hank, John M, Chris D, and Dave B. And wow, the 'Stocker was good to us today!!!

No-one went anywhere (fairly significant west cross, I got within a river bend of the gap but didn't even really seriously think about jumping).... But even so, there was some really fun flying! I topped out around 3k over, with 500+ fpm on my averager at times. That was fairly early in my flight, and conditions gradually lightened during the afternoon. But even so, I ran north, then south, then back north, then boated around in 1300' over magic. Landed right at sunset after close to 3 hours of airtime. Chased down Dan in a field south of Woodstock, then Christina's for dinner, and many cold beers to celebrate the day.

Nearly everyone had great flights, though unfortunately Dave found he was missing a safety ring, and then lost his replacement when trying to fix the problem, and did not fly. Major bummer :-(

Flew with an immature bald eagle for a while... Enjoyed the contrast of the evergreens vs the few trees still showing fall color... Half-moon rising as the sun was setting... Every fold and contour of the main ridge, the hills in the valley, and Skyline Drive were visible in that sunset light... Couldn't be better!!!

Maybe a flight to the beach from Highland tomorrow if it's more SW than S?

Mark C.


chgpa Fishers anyone....
Sat, 12 Nov 2005 07:53:11 -0500
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Oh yeah, HR was awesome. Helped launch and screamed my turn. Got to 3K and flew over an hour is what I wanted. Had to pee so I landed. Gene


chgpa Flying on 11/11
John Middleton
Sat, 12 Nov 2005 08:31:18 -0500
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Turned out to be really nice at Woodstock. Winds in the slot were 5 - 12 MPH and a little west cross but straight often. As Cavanaugh stated, good lift and a bit of west cross up in the air. I flew up to the north and then south to the gap. Surprised that no PG's were there. I had thought if I landed early enough I would try and fly my PG but landed 10 minutes before sunset.

john middleton


chgpa Friday 11/11
Shawn Ray
Sat, 12 Nov 2005 10:08:08 -0500
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My first high flight after surgery. It was a memorable one! I met Spark at Smithsburg so we could go up to High Rock and he could throw me off. Spark was still instructing, so Andrew and I went up to the rock to help launch Carlos, and Doug Rogers. Gene and Tim showed up ,and we started setting up. Gene was ready so Andrew, Tim and I helped launched Gene.Sparky arrived With Tom Magowan to help me launch. I think Tim was on the keel. I instructed the wire crew, and rolled out closer to the edge.The wing started flying off my shoulders!. I instructed to back up.I got off launch no problem then, and it felt righteous! Nice smooth air Stayed around 450 over but got to 600 over for 1hr.10mins.!I got see the back side of that ridge! First time. Gene, and I flew together for a while. The leaves looked fantastic.I didn't think I would see them this year from above.My approach was fine, my landing was fine.

Thanks to everyone who helped push start my car.( It dropped a battery cell that day!) I am thankful.

I had fun.

Hugh was at High Rock as well after flying Pg at Smithsburg with Spark.I hope I didn't forget anyone else.


chgpa Re: Friday 11/11
Hugh McElrath
Sat, 12 Nov 2005 12:31:06 -0500
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Well the good news is that Sparky signed me off for P2 yesterday. (Thanks, Allen!) I also had my first mountain HG flight in almost three months at High Rock in *perfect* conditions, got about 750 over launch and enjoyed the beautiful evening, went out to land after 25 minutes due to approaching sunset. The bad news is that I came in high and fast (trying to correct previous error) ran out of LZ and ended up in the bushes at the end of the field, taking out an outboard leading edge. Guess I need to work on landings at a tow park, huh? Thanks to Gene for agreeing to ferry my poor abused glider to Manquin for evaluation and possible repair. Since I'm heading down to Quest after Thanksgiving, one option may be to have WW ship the LE there and rendezvous with it... - Hugh


wrhgc 501
Doug Rogers
Nov 13, 2005 8:22 PM
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Old Bethel greeted us with open arms this eve. Launch conditions were perfect, stfi at a steady 10. Keith was in the air when we arrived and a good 400' over just boatin around. Joe was next then Doug and Karen all with the help of our lovley launch assittant Natalie. Gains of 400' over and flights over an hour were givin to us. I flew to 645 then way back in the Baldy Bowl just to feel the rotor, oh yea its alive and kickin. We all landed out by Rt. 501 or Rt. 499 which ever works for cold beers and laughs, fun was had by all.

Joe and Karen, Keith, Natalie and Doug.


wrhgc 501/499
Karen Gorrie
Nov 14, 2005 11:42 AM
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If you want to get to 499, just be sure to leave the ridge with 258' above launch and head out to 501 with a SE 15 mph head wind.. and Wah~Lah, you land somewhere less than 501. A lesson learned; leave the ridge with a lot more altitude or eat less potatoes. All's well that ends well. A BIG thanks to Natalie for all of her help on launch,including answering woofo questions and a special thank you to Joe and Keith for their help in the pickery hike back to 501. It was sweet air and sweet company. Last but not least, thanks Doug for the "after flight long crawl back to 501 beer"! Karen.


chgpa Long Green again
Richard Hays
Sun, 13 Nov 2005 20:02:48 -0500
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Wow.....back to back Saturdays' at Long Green. Had 6 students of which only three were qualified to fly the hill. The rest worked on groundhandling and did really well. days' end, the groundcrew went over to the SE facing "bump" and got some brief flights as the moon rose over the horizon. It was very cool and somewhat surreal. Ended up breaking down in the moonlight.

* Long Green really is a "verge" H-1 hill. Two Saturdays' ago I took a student on his second day up there to attempt to fly "if" the conditions were really perfect. Previously he and his group had had an awesome showing at Cow Pie hill and had gotten 8+ flawless flights in. Additionally...this group were sky divers' and very experienced with being in tense situations, in the air etc.

Last week, the one student ( Tom ) did exceptionally well launching from Long Green. No issues. However; this week when I introduced the hill to the rest of the Cow Pie group; two of the second day students found Long Green somewhat intimidating. One student did A-ok. But the other one really got tense. And....subsequently the flights were somewhat hairy.

In retropect, I will not be taking low time student back up there, and revert back to my original principals of making sure the students are ready and capable of flying from Long Green. Again...its kinda' a H-1 hill.

Probably could have flown there again today ( Sunday ) but I geeked and believed one of the forecasts' that said the winds were going to be 10-15 today. I doubt they ever really got that strong.

That said........Satuday was a hoot. Janni got 8 flights in. And George Tutor came out and flew for the first time in over a year. My skydiving guys did well ( considering ) and Sparky's bag student did exceptionally well. Great time; challenging day. And........the corn and beans are all gone. Clean as a whistle out there.

Janni and George came back to the shop for beers and wine. Helped push student Jim the traffic reporter out of the little ditch in the drive that he accidently drove into. Gave him a beer and sent him on his way after freeing his car. LOL.

Good times. :)



chgpa Sat at Highland
Linda Baskerville
Sun, 13 Nov 2005 20:25:09 -0500
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Did my weekend "drag the harness through the dirt trick" again several times at Highland on Sat, in my attempts to learn to land my S2 on my feet.

Thank goodness Danny test flew my Sport2 and informed me that a big part of my problem was that my hang point was too far back. The previous test flight pilot was not in my weight range and didn't need the hang point shifted for it to fly/flare well.

So maybe, just maybe, I will be able to translate my falcon landing skills to my Sport2 landing skills! And I won't feel like such a doofus!

A big crowd turned out for the last flyable day of the Ridgely season. Fabulous weather, minimal lift, but pilots' spirits were high and an impromptu party ensued at the end of the day. Some spirits thermalled higher than others at the party - 'nuff said. [Mr. Green]


chgpa Daniels?
Tom Ceunen
Sun, 13 Nov 2005 09:46:16 -0500
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The PG flew yesterday at Daniels in light but good conditions.
I guess the slot needs maintenance but is not so bad.
The PG will be there today again.
I not, I'm on vacation in NY state.


chgpa Daniels?
Marcel Dettling
Sun, 13 Nov 2005 21:23:18 -0500
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Daniels was a blast this weekend. On Saturday, we were 7 PGs. My first flight was an extendo, launching at noon was still too early. The second was much better, I got 540m (1800ft) above launch, flying time just above 1 hour before I got flushed. A bit surprisingly there was a nice glass-off, too. It yielded another very nice hour of flying.

Today Sunday was again an excellent day. We were 4 PGs and 4 HGs. My first flight was again at noon, scratched for 20 minutes but just couldn't get more than about 30m (100ft) above launch and finally sank out. Caught a quick ride back to launch and the conditions had already improved a lot. Despite I could only get around 150m (500ft) above launch, I flew for about 2 hours, but finally was flushed again (argh!). Again today, there was a very nice glass-off which yielded almost another hour of flying. I think I was the last one in the air and landed just a few minutes before sunset.

I think the HGs who flew today can describe the condition of the slot better than I can. For PGs its perfectly fine. The road is not too bad. It's a bumpy ride but today even a normal 2WD car made it to launch.




chgpa Central PA report (long)
brian vh
Mon, 14 Nov 2005 10:50:05 -0500
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Dennis Pagen had been suggesting for months that I come up and fly with him and the locals one weekend, so I finally caved in and made the drive friday morning with the promise of two sites I had never flown before pushing me out the door.

Arrived at the base of the Pleasant Gap site just in time to follow a truck with a glider up to the top...even with Dennis's careful directions I think it would have taken me a while to figure out all the turns. Nice ridge site, with good XC potential. In fact a couple pilots have actually flown to Baltimore from here! My first impression was "wow, what a beautiful site!". but I think I must have that same puppy-love reaction to all new sites: much of the valley below is filled with a distinctly unbeautiful quarry that must be flown over to reach the primary LZ. Dennis pointed out falcon bail outs, as well as fields that look good from about 500 feet but you'll discover almost too late that they slope too much for a fun landing.

I was the last one off, launching into winds slightly less than 10 mph, but which increased quickly with altitude. I could never thermal effectively in my SS glider without getting pushed back too far behind the ridge for comfort, so rarely climbed up to meet the others. But I tootled around happily between about 200 and 700 feet until the lift began to die. There was a cross, but everytime I moved upwind in preparation for heading out I sunk down below ridge level. Finally gave up and headed out from ridge level despite Dennis' warning I may not make the primary from that altitude. Flew over what I thought was the bailout he had pointed out, and saw nice grass, but contoured like a putt-putt golf course with what basically amounted to a 30 foot moat running around 3 sides of it. Yikes! Turns out I misinterpreted his directions. Fortunately I was able to make the primary with good altitude and had a nice approach and landing. Then had the satisfaction of watching master pilot Pagen come in and do a beautiful approach on his topless, slow down, flare... and ground loop. What a pleasure.

Spent the night at Dennis's house, within over-the-back distance of the pleasant gap ridge (he has a landing field). He's got an incredible view. There are only two rules in his house: shoes come off, and all males must pee outdoors. Very Dennis.

The next day we went to the superbowl, expecting sleds in light winds. This is a true 4WD site, but this time I can say without qualification that the view is SPECTACULAR. A bowl-shaped valley so large that the mountains on the far side are just beginning to fade blue, populated by the picturesque farms of the Amish. A paraglider took off first and sunk out. I figured there was no reason to wait so launched next and sunk out to his same field. All the Amish kids abandoned the paraglider and came running over to check me out. I started zipping them into the harness and doing the kite festival thing with them. Not that they were at all unfamiliear with hang gliders (one 10 year old boy provided a wickedly accurate critique of my landing), but they hadn't had the harness experience before.

It turns out all these kids were from the neighboring farm, because one of the older brothers from the farm we landed on came over with a flat bed wagon (pulled by these beautiful massive limbed horses) and he had a flock of kids from his farm with him. Seems the kids that are too small to work just ride around all day with the older ones. He was carrying 4 little girls ranging from 3 to 6 years old, all wearing scarves and black rubber boots...even the smallest one. I just melted. The farmer said he had to go load some wood, but he'd come back and carry our gliders out. We quickly volunteered to help him load the wagon. So hop on and coax the girls to talk on the way to a fallen tree. then the farmer, dressed in white and black with a broad brim hat, fringe beard and suspenders, fires up a chain saw and starts chopping up the tree. These aren't Luddites, they're just folks who dress and act modestly, while recogizing that horses are cheaper and cuter than tractors. They have electric fences for the cows.

Around this time we note that as we're sweating away loading logs, the gliders who launched 20 minutes after us are staying up. I didn't care too much, I was happy. When we got back to the farm we got picked up by another boy in a black buggy who offered to drive us back to our cars. So we offered to help him load up the feed he was buying, and off we went. Found out his farm sold sausage and yogurt, so rode all the way to his farm and bought some.

The last glider finally landed around sunset, drawing in the rest of the neighborhood who were finishing up chores and we hung out and chatted as he broke down. Just the cutest kids ever, and though rarely boisterous by culture they also have never learned the need to be shy of strangers.

That night I brewed some imperial stout with a friend, and thought that maybe I should start checking out job opportunities in central PA.

Brian Vant-Hull


chgpa Southeast Winds In Florida...Finally!
Paul Tjaden
Tue, 15 Nov 2005 20:13:56 -0500
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Since Lauren and I returned to Florida late this summer we've been waiting for a decent day with SE winds to try for a long downwind flight. It seems for some weird reason that SE winds are pretty much required for long flights. (The NW flow that usually works great for the Mid Atlantic just doesn't seem to work down here.) Today it finally happened. Unfortunately, just about the time I launched (fairly early just before noon) some high level clouds moved in from the east and started shutting it all down. I raced to the NW trying to get ahead of it but the upper level winds were much faster than me and I could never get out in friont of it. The lapse rate was great and the sky was trying to work so I managed a little over 46 miles but that was flown entirely under the high overcast. I kept looking longingly at the great clouds about 15 miles in front of me but by the time I could get there they were grey and shredded. Kevin and Bo made valiant efforts on SS gliders but with the weak conditions, they didn't get far. Kevin did get 20 plus miles which was a great effort today on a Falcon 225.

BTW, I just submitted my flight to the world wide on line contest and scored enough points to put me in the lead for all rigid wing pilots internationally. I'm sure it won't last long but for now .....I'm the World Champion!!!! WOO HOO!!! You guys really should try this.

Tomorrow looks even better so maybe I can pick up another one. Come on down and visit. The weather is GREAT!!!



chgpa waves
kolie lombard
Sun, 20 Nov 2005 08:19:18 -0500
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I had a good wave experience again at Woodstock on Veteran's Day (11/11/05). Got a late start - launched after 2:30pm. I thought I was only going to have a 20 min checkride with an instructor in the 2-seater sailplane out of Front Royal. The thermal forecast indicated stable air, and I did not expect any ridge or wave because the winds lower down were too SW. Well - we had to land after more than 2.5 hours because the sun was setting. The lift lower down was definitely rotor (not thermal) - very rough and broken up. We were able to play around at will in a large area between Skyline Drive and rt 81. There were very large areas where we just kept flying straight, maintaining or climbing slowly. We then focused on the area just east of the easterly ridge near Signal Knob, working our way up to about 5,500ft. All of a sudden everything went quiet - except for the vario! We went up to 8,000ft at 400fpm and were then able to jump upwind and downwind between the harmonics. It was a stunning Fall day in the Shenandoah - unlimited visiblity and beautiful colors on the trees. I was thinking of you HG guys during my flight because the winds aloft were so low that a HG could have easily maintained position. - K


chgpa Taylors 11/20 & 11/13
John Middleton
Mon, 21 Nov 2005 11:53:23 -0500
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Two nice teaching days at Taylors but with small turnout. 11/13 started out windy but got good mid afternoon and 11/20 was good all afternoon with 1 - 5 mph S to SSW winds. Students really had a good time both days. Richard you will have to come down and join us sometime.

john middleton


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