Learn To Fly

You can fly like a bird, gliding effortlessly high above the ground using your skills to find lifting air to stay aloft for hours at a time, allowing you reach altitudes exceeding 5000 feet above the ground, higher that the clouds, and cross great distances by hopping from cloud to cloud.  You can do this with a foldable wing that you “power” by running down a mountain slope until your feet gently lift you off the ground!  Once airborne you turn in ridge, thermal, or wave lift to stay aloft.  Getting down is typically the easy part and safe pilots always have a chosen landing field safely within glide.

Hang Gliding, Paragliding, or Both?!

What Is Hang Gliding And Paragliding

Many pilots in our club are bi-wingal which means they fly both hang gliders and paragliders.  Most of our sites are flyable by both wing types, though some sites require some hiking which are more accessible by paraglider.  Lighter wind generally favors paragliding, while hang gliders typically prefer stronger wind.


Hang gliding and paragliding schools are somewhat limited in the DC region, but if you’re eager to learn you can find an instructor or school to teach you.

Foot-launch Paragliding (Warrenton, VA)


Michael O’Daniel is one of the local instructors who teaches both paragliding and powered paragliding. Michael teaches ground handling/kiting skills at Flying Circus and utilizes training hills for your first flights.

Foot-launch Hang Gliding (Smithsburg, MD)

Beginning Winter 2020! Email Anthony Lloyd

Silver Wings Hang Gliding is a foot-launch hang gliding school previously owned by John Middleton. The school was bought by a new instructor, Anthony Lloyd, who will be teaching  Smithsburg, MD.

Blue Sky Hang Gliding (Richmond, VA)

Dedicated flight park in Manquin, VA teaching both hang gliding and paragliding via scooter towing and truck towing.

Blue Mountain Club Paragliding (Allentown, PA)

Club and school near Allentown, PA

Hyner Club Hang Gliding (Hyner, PA)