Notes from the Winter Membership Meeting

We had a fun party at John Middleton house! There were a few new faces and we all enjoyed a ton of food a drinks. In addition to catching up with friends and new faces, we covered a lot of club business.

Woodstock Launch

  • Trees have been removed at the bottom and sides of launch
  • Launch has been seeded with grass
  • Emergency crew access has been opened to bottom of launch
  • Woodstock fire tower repainted
  • $19,000 received from Free Flight Foundation!
  • Total cost: $41,000!  Become a member and help us fund our next project!
  • Signage/Maps need to be installed
  • Windsocks
  • Weather station

Woodstock LZ

The old primary LZ is still not permitted.  There is a flood plain next to it (same owner) as well as the house on the mountain side of the river to right of the old LZ is big enough for HG landings. These LZs should not be your primary, but can be used if unexpected conditions or pilot error prevent you from reaching your intended LZ.

We have permission to land at several other fields and are working on securing easier options.

Edith’s Gap

  • Pending forest service and county approval to renovate launch

Shenandoah National Park

  • Still working on formal agreement for rights to maintain sites within pre-defined boundaries as needed without additional approval/oversight

Buchanan State Forest

  • PA Risk Management Plan has been completed
  • Flights still require contacting PA Forest Service prior to flying as a courtesy
  • New cliff launch south of Bills Hill called “Tom’s Cliff” is in development


  • Contracted with local sawyer to clear trees
  • Mark reports launch is looking good


  • Redecking of old ramp surface on left has been proposed
  • Money will come from Pulpit treasury and donations
  • Potential widening 1 foot on each side

Membership Dues

  • Motion to increase dues to $60/year passed
  • Motion to create a 30-day membership for $20 pass
  • We’re also removing the join MGHA membership as it isn’t worth the effort to reconcile

Treasurer’s Report

501c3 tax exemption has been restored!  However, our account is effectively $0 due to capital expenditures.

Landowner Gifts

Gifts have been sent out (citrus box), thanks to David Bodner. We’ve heard back from several landowners (High Rock and Edith’s Gap) who sent thank you letters.

Observer vs Site Guides

USHPA stated that Observers only have skills sign-off ability.  Still need to formalize members as guides for site briefings to comply with USHPA requirements. Recommend automatically designating frequent flyers for specific sites as guides.