First-Flight Tales

Some flights will always be engraved in your memory: the first time you mountain-launched, your first soaring flight, your first XC, your first tandem flight, the first time you solo-aerotowed... Now you have an opportunity to engrave them in someone else's mind!

This web-page is a collection of First-Flight Tales composed by CHGPA members (and others!) who have taken quill to inkwell, pen to paper, or fingers to the keyboard, in order to share their memorable experiences with the rest of us. If you've saved other first-flight tales (perhaps from the CHGPA listserv), or if you've written something just today, please send it to The Webmaster at the email address below. Plain text or HTML, no word-processor formats please!

If you ever find yourself thinking "ho-hum, another soaring flight today", perhaps the enthusiasm of these accounts will remind you of how special it is to slip the surly bonds... Smiley-face image

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