Useful GPS Waypoints for Cross-Country Flights

This web page presents the GPS coordinates of some waypoints that could be useful for hang glider pilots who fly cross-country from our local sites. If you have a GPS unit, you might want to enter some of these waypoints into its memory.

As an example, an Airport Traffic Area surrounds the Hagerstown MD airport (when the tower is in operation), with a radius of 5 miles. If you enter the airport's coordinates as a reference point in your GPS's memory, then you will be able to determine how far you are from this restricted airspace, simply by displaying the "Nearest Waypoints" (or equivalent) on your GPS unit during flight. Since southeast-tracking over-the-back flights from The Pulpit can easily bring you within range of the airport, having this waypoint programmed will easily allow you to stay clear of the restricted airspace.

The airports included in the waypoint table have links that take you to AirNav, where more detailed airport info is available, including tower frequencies.

I would like to add many more waypoints to this list. I'm particularly interested in coordinates of: good LZs that might be used during an XC; points that define irregularly-shaped restricted airspace; noticeable landmarks that might be crossed during an XC; etc. If you've collected any of these, please pass the coordinates along!

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Location GPS coordinates Comment
Deg/Min/Sec FormatDecimal Degree Format
Hagerstown MD Airport (HGR) 39d 42m 28.619s N
77d 43m 46.115s W
39.7079497d N
77.7294764d W
An Airport Traffic Area extends out 5 miles from this airport; be careful when going over the back from the Pulpit
Dulles International Airport (IAD) 38d 56m 40.897s N
77d 27m 20.864s W
38.9446936d N
77.4557956d W
Washington National Airport (DCA) 38d 51m 07.512s N
77d 02m 15.763s W
38.8520867d N
77.0377119d W
Winchester VA Regional Airport (OKV) 39d 08m 36.677s N
78d 08m 40.000s W
39.1435214d N
78.1444444d W
Frederick MD Municipal Airport (FDK) 39d 25m 03.246s N
77d 22m 27.480s W
39.4175683d N
77.3743000d W
Ridgely Airpark Airport (1N0) 38d 58m 12.408s N
75d 51m 58.768s W
38.9701133 N
75.8663244d W