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Members get access to detailed site information and up-to-date google maps indicating current LZ status and carpool meeting spots. Our Site Guide includes a charts showing sites by wind direction and maps of all sites with wind direction.

Site Guide 


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NW ridge.  Not good in a W cross due to spine to the left of launch. Winds are typically lighter than forecast, but with strong thermal activity that will be the opposite.  We often get Wave lift here in the Winter.  The bridge field is planted in crops in the summer.  Check the google site guide for status.

Realtime wind! from our weather station on launch!
Thanks to George Huffman and donations from members!

Woodstock underwent MAJOR renovation to complete revamp and expand launch thanks to Patrick Terry’s multi-year long effort.  Construction totalled $40k!  Half was paid for with membership dues and the other half was a grant from the Foundation for Free Flight.  Please become a member to support projects like this!  Videos and pictures of the construction are on facebook.



NW ridge, but launch faces W.  Difficult in a N cross.  Venturi at launch causes actual winds to be higher than forecast.  Paragliders typically don’t go if it’s forecast to be over 7mph.

Launch is jointly owned by the CHGPA and the MHGA and has a slope and two wooden ramps.  Camping is allowed on launch and we typically host a Fly-In here every Fall.  Secondary landing zone is planted in crops in the summer.



Faces SSW.  Not good in a West cross. Daniels also has a weather station close by called Little Edge Farm that’s good for hourly observations.


Edith’s Gap

Our newest site!  SE ridge facing the Shenandoah Mountains.  Landing zone is too small for hang glider landings, though it has been done at least once (downwind/uphill!)

Dickey Ridge

SW ridge inside the Shenandoah National Park.  One of the only paragliding and hang gliding sites on National Park land in the United States!  Requires P3/H3 with Cliff Launch and Special Use Permit.  Additional sites in the SNP, Hog Back (N) and Millers Head (SW) are pending NPS approval and would become our highest sites – hopefully in 2017!


High Rock

Oldest cliff launch on the East Coast!  Only possible for hang gliders due to cliff launch.  Requires landing waiver.

Please refer to the CHGPA Site Guide and this page for airspace restrictions due to the special TFR around P-4o when the President is at Camp David.

Bill’s Hill

East facing ridge.  Top landable by paragliders.  Landing zones are currently off limits due to crop.  Requires notifying the Buchanon State Forest prior to flying (717) 485-3148.  PA DNR Maps show locations of some of our flying sites!

Training Hills

Smithsburg – NW training hill, but closed in the summer for crops

Taylor Farm – SW training hill – requires waiver before flying

Hains Point – CLOSED – no kiting or gliding allowed per NPS rules. We’re working on getting an exemption. Wind is laminar from the Potomac River so just about any wind direction will work.


Short Range Forecast – high pressure and post frontal are best

Windmapper – regional surface wind direction/strength conditions and forecasts

NoStepper – hourly winds aloft forecasts for all of our sites, including radar and satellite loops, and thermal blip map

Winds Aloft – always check winds aloft at 3k feet to see if there’s any strong winds at altitude.  Paragliders typically don’t fly when the forecast is 15-20kt at 3k feet.

Area Forecast Discussion – text forecast

SAT loop

Cragin’s Weather Page